Making Control and Machine Learning Systems Safe and Interpretable

Safe, Interpretable, and Composable Reinforcement Learning for Robotic ManipulationSafe, Interpretable, and Composable Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Manipulation
Formal Methods to Comply with Rules of the Road in Autonomous Driving
Machine Learning and Control for Synthetic Biology
Provably-correct motion planning and control for heterogeneous robotic teams


Calin Belta is the Brendan Iribe Endowed  Professor of  Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science  at the University of Maryland, College Park. He is also a Research Professor in the College of Engineering at Boston University. His research focuses on dynamics and control theory, with particular emphasis on cyber-physical systems, formal methods, and applications to robotics, autonomous driving, and systems biology.
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Logan Beaver, Zameer Hussain Shah, Max Sokolich, Alp Eren Yilmaz, Yanda Yang, Calin Belta and Sambeeta Das, Closed-loop Control for a Heterogeneous Group of Magnetically-actuated Microrobots, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2023
Shuo Liu, Wei Xiao, Calin Belta, Auxiliary-Adaptive Control Barrier Functions for Safety Critical Systems 62nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Singapore, 2023
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05/24/23: Max Cohen got the best ME PhD dissertation award!